Direct Sales Partner

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Direct Sales Partner Benefit And Terms
Become a Direct Sales Partner

Direct Sales Partner Benefit And Terms

  • All The Member of M/s Mas Marketing Company Must follow the Rules and Regulation Stated below
  • The management have the rights to approve disapprove any application.
  • The company reserved the rights to terminate the membership of any member if found in any unlawful activity.
  • The members right is only to sell of product by net and recommended new member to join the company as member and enjoy Bonuses and Gift Under no circumstances can members claim themselves as the agents or officials of M/s mas marketing every member has own independent working unit the success depends on every one’s own efforts.
  • The company will not take any responsibility for breaking contract if something irresistible such as war strike natural disasters or government’s prohibition.
  • Company reserve the right to amend the policies under the rules and regulation of Government of Pakistan
  • All the bonuses / Gifts is calculated by computer system according to the company Bonuses / Gifts Distribution System
  • If any member lost his original membership card he must give Written Application to the company and take Signature from his upline Member for issuance of Duplicate membership Card. Fee of Duplicate Card is Rs.100/=
  • All Member should be responsible for the expenses used on developing their nets such as the expense for administrative fee entertainment fare and so on.
  • In case a Members dies or loss his behaving capacity his successor or heir will take over all his qualified interest and rights in mas marketing After getting the relevant legal attestation mas marketing will transfer all his rights to his rights to his successor mast sign member’s application form and promise to follow all the rules and regulations set by the mas marketing company the company will continue to distribute the bonus according to the achievements of the original Members
  • Tax on income and Bonus Will be deducted as per income tax rules.